Detalles del Proyecto

Strengthening the diversification of production in family farming

Productive diversification in family farming

Districts of Itapúa and Caazapá

Bioexport is a Paraguayan company dedicated to the commercialization of natural and organic sesame, in addition to other seeds and beans (mung and black bean, chia, rice) produced by family farmers. This way, it seeks the development of sustainable agro business through the value chain approach.

Since its creation in 2009, the company has been focusing on providing business opportunities with a social inclusion approach, emphasizing gender equality.

With FIDEI funds, Bioexport works for strengthening the value chains in 7 districts in the departments of Itapúa and Caazapá: Alto Vera, San Pedro del Paraná, Leandro Oviedo, Gral. Artigas, Yuty, Tavai and 3 de Mayo. The projects reach to 500 families seeking to generate food security, additional income through production improvement, introduction of alternative revenue fields, new technologies and the development of abilities in producers and organizations. The cultivated plots add up to 1,030 hectares.


Start Date

June 2015


500 families


Fidei: USD 200,000

Counterpart: USD 120,000


Itapúa and Caazapá


Tavai, Yuty, 3 de Mayo, Alto Verá, San Pedro del Paraná, Leandro Oviedo and Gral. Artigas.