Detalles del Proyecto

Productive Integration II

The Productive Integration II Project was carried out for 12 months in the departments of San Pedro and Alto Paraná with the support of the Unión de Gremios de la Producción (UGP, for its acronym in Spanish), an organization that is promoting a comprehensive rural development approach in the country.

This project benefited 200 families of producers from 5 districts of San Pedro and 2 from Alto Paraná, it was developed with the objective of improving their income as a result of increased agricultural production and productivity: and also, of strengthening their organizational capacities and management.

Both, the department of San Pedro and that of Alto Paraná are very rich in biodiversity, they have a high productive potential; however, both have high lag areas, with difficulties in accessing the main consumer markets and lack of dynamic activities of the economy.

In order to improve the economy of these families, it was considered necessary to improve productive and innovation skills, as well as technology adoption. To give support in this regard, the project provided training spaces for producers of around 200 families where the adoption of appropriate productive techniques was promoted; in addition to the collective acquisition of supplies, which managed to reduce costs, the supply of premium materials, direct learning through demonstration plots, direct marketing and the restart of the process of diversified, demand-oriented items.

As a result, with this project, 414 hectares were worked on under sustainable management practices, in the areas of corn-zafra*, sesame, beans and zafriña corn. Higher productivity allowed the improvement of the income and living conditions of these families.

Gremios de la Producción (UGP)

Start Date

October 2016


200 families


Fidei: USD 120,000

Counterpart: USD 60,000


San Pedro


Guayaivi, Liberación, Sanguina Cue