Detalles del Proyecto

Production and Commercialization of corn cultivation in mechanized form

This is a project worked with the firm Desarrollo Agrícola del Paraguay S.A. since 2006, having the economic, social and environmental aspects as results line.

There have already been production projects related to soybeans, maize and sesame. On this occasion, the maize crop is being worked on again, a crop well known to the farmers of the area, but rotation with green manures and mechanized harvest is introduced.

The primary objective of the project is to continue the diversification of crops, within the framework of sustainable agriculture with practices in direct sowing and minimum tillage.

The zone of influence of the project is characterized by the existence of small agricultural farms, counting each property with an extension that ranges from 5 to 10 hectares.

At the beginning of the work with the communities, the technology being implemented in the farms of the small producers was deficient or practically nonexistent.

The project seeks to ensure the continuity of income through crops with greater technology, within an appropriate rotation, cost reduction, combination of production techniques and serious marketing channels.

Thanks to the technical assistance provided and the agreements with financial institutions, farmers achieved a greater adoption of cultivation techniques, implementation of direct sowing, minimum tillage and the use of improved varieties, which made agricultural production more efficient.

Producers from Santa Lucia, San Antonio, Quiindy, Panchito Lopez and 12 de Junio communities.

Start Date

September 2016


7 families


Fidei: USD 9,280

Counterpart: USD 13,981


San Pedro


San Pedro del Ycuamandyjú, Colonia Andrés Barbero and Tacuatí