Detalles del Proyecto

Production of aromatic plants, oregano with a focus on diversification of income items.

Experience and diversification of family farming

“Divino Niño Jesús” Committee, Caazapá

Paraguay Agricultural Corporation (PAYCO S.A.) dedicates to agricultural, livestock and forestry production in a sustainable manner. In the community of Santa Teresa, in the district of Aba’i, where the company has the “Golondrina” farm, the FIDEI supports a project with 16 women of a committee for the production of aromatic plants, oregano, in a first stage.
The producers agreed to mother seedlings for growing on family farms in an area of 30 x 30 meters each. Most of these families have small pieces of land for farming, and for women, this field represents an interesting opportunity to generate revenues that are much needed.

his first community project aims at developing expertise in order to diversify to other fields of income and family farming.

Women do the daily irrigation of the plot of oregano; many of them have to draw water from the common well and carry 80 buckets of water per day.

They also do the cleaning and pest prevention. They put fences with wire mesh and received supplies. PAYCO S.A. accompanies them with constant technical assistance to guide them in land preparation, harvesting and drying.

It was expected that by December 2015 the first harvest of oregano was going to be made, but drought affected the development of the seedlings and delayed the production until the first quarter of 2016.

Comité de productoras Divino Niño Jesús

Start Date

June 2015


16 women and their families


Fidei: USD 7,059

Counterpart: USD 11,000