Detalles del Proyecto

Mechanization of cultivation of cassava with emphasis on crop rotation

Reducing costs in the production of cassava

Districts of San Pedro

The Compañía de Desarrollo y de Industrialización de Productos Primarios S.A. (CODIPSA, in Spanish) collects, processes and exports cassava starch, providing also to the local market. In the districts of Nueva Germania, Gral. Resquín, Lima and Cruce Liberación – located in the department of San Pedro, – the company accompanies with trust funds a production project for reducing costs and increasing the yield per hectare by using technology.

CODIPSA producers participate in a project that facilitates branch-seed planting by using mechanization and supplies and training.

Aníbal Paredes has been producing cassava for several years. In 2015 he managed to increase his cultivation area from 3 to 10 hectares. “We are planting with the machines and that helps us a lot. We have a hard time finding labor in this area; at least 5 people are needed to plant per each hectare. By using machines, two people can cultivate 10 hectares per day,” he says. Through the project, Aníbal and other producers are trained in alliance with their production associations. The 6 de Enero Association, which gathers 350 producers in the area, among other trainings, organized a training space on the application of VAT*, IRAGO* and IRASIS*, to guide the formalization of their initiatives. (*These are Taxes from the Paraguayan Treasury Department)

Compañía de Desarrollo y de Industrialización de Productos Primarios S.A. (CODIPSA)

Start Date

June 2015


1,180 families


Fidei: USD 116,000

Counterpart: USD 150,806


San Pedro


Nueva Gemania