Detalles del Proyecto

Increase on Productivity of Peasant Family Agriculture

Since July 2016 in the Department of San Pedro and Caaguazú the project “Increase on Productivity of Peasant Family Agriculture” was implemented with the aim of improving productivity, quantity produced and having the necessary machinery.

This was due to the low productivity of crops, depleted soils; and, therefore low economic income of family agriculture in these departments.

Lack of training in production technologies, as well as soil conservation and good agricultural practices, also boosted the implementation of this project.

The activity of the producers is concentrated in the production of grains such as maize tupi pytâ, san francisco bean, pytâ bean and sesame.

All activities are financed with support from the producers themselves, also of associations and the Shirosawa company; and, through the Trust Fund for Inclusive Rural Development will be possible the training and procurement of quality supplies in order to obtain better income for each family and lower the costs on procurement of supplies.

Technical assistance and mechanized production will greatly improve productivity per hectare and with the insertion into the markets; surely the production will be greatly enhanced.

Shirosawa Company S.A.C.I.

Start Date

June 2016


100 producers from four producer associations


Fidei : USD 119,882

Counterpart: USD 130,118


San Pedro and Caaguazú


Gral Elizardo Aquino, Yataity del Norte, Carayao, Capiibary