How to join?

Companies, non-governmental producer organizations, cooperatives and organizations that comply with current regulations may access development funds. These include:

  • Companies with proven experience in the field of rural development, except for experiences with research purposes or inclusion of a value chain that is underdeveloped at the regional and/or national level.
  • Companies, cooperatives and NGOs, which demonstrate solvency and working teams for the development of the project with other organizations.
  • Organizations with the capacity to generate strategic links with other projects developed by FIDEI.
    The partners receiving funds must have the capacity to install the tracking and monitoring formats, generate the local counterpart and implement external audits requested by FIDEI.

What are the priorities?

Undertakings in strategic sectors that generate productive linkages and develop efficient scale production, with a high component in the management and conservation of natural resources.

Projects aimed at achieving progress in competitiveness and production efficiency; market development and product differentiation; and trade transparency and equity in the distribution of income within the chain.

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